Experimental Quantum Optics

Research Overview

We are generally interested in exploring fundamentals in the fields of quantum optics, nonlinear optics, and atomic physics utilizing laser-cooled atoms. Recent work includes the generation and characterization of energy-time entangled photons, nonlinear and non-hermitian optics with cold atoms, as well as quantum state measurement. Current research activities focus on the collective Rydberg qubit in the atomic array and ensemble, and its applications to many-body physics and quantum information science.

Research Areas

Rydberg Qubits

A collective Rydberg qubit has been realized in a confined atomic ensemble with a long coherence time. Read More


Entangled Photons

Photonic entanglement in the degree of freedom of energy-time has been generated, manipulated, and characterized. Read More

Nonlinear Optics

Nonlinear optics in cold atoms have been demonstrated using the electromagnetically induced transparency effect. Read More

Quantum Measurement

A novel method of δ-quench measurement has been proposed and applied to measure quantum temporal wavefunctions. Read More